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Hazardous Waste Code Search Tool

Use this tool to find the waste code corresponding to listed hazardous wastes generated from industrial processes. The EPA provides a webpage with more information on how hazardous waste codes are assigned.

Some codes (primarily codes beginning with F or K) refer to specific process types, or to specific end products produced by those processes. Others (primarily those beginning with P and U) simply designate materials whose presence in a waste may render it hazardous.

The tool provides three different sets of searches. Users can search by:

Suggestions for using this tool:

The codes specifically call out only a limited number of process types and end products. The list of choices for these tables are correspondingly easier to scan than the materials list. If applicable, users may want to start their search with one of those lists. Note that selections from those lists will return only those codes that specifically call out the selected process or end product.

If searching by material:

The codes refer to nearly 800 different material names. Some materials are listed under several different names, typically a trade name and a systematic chemical name. Many systematic chemical names are long and complicated, some beginning with numbers, and include commas and hyphens. To avoid a potentially confusing typing challenge, the tool displays all available choices explicitly.

The full list of all materials with names displayed is difficult to navigate on a single page. Users may select a letter or number and get shorter pages listing just those materials whose names begin with that letter or number.

Once a letter or number has been selected, each available choice beginning with the selected letter is displayed on a single page along with a checkbox. Users may select any number of items. The button at the end of each page will then return the relevant codes for each item.

Selections from the materials lists will return all codes referring to those materials, rather than just those codes simply designating those materials. Such references may include provisions or exceptions pertaining to that material. In any case, the full text of each potential code should be reviewed carefully, to ensure it applies to a specific waste.

Search by:

Process types specified in codes:


Coal tar:
Petroleum refining:


Solvent cleaning

Products specified in codes:

Inorganic chemicals:


Organic chemicals:



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