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Please note that a considerable amount of the regulatory information on the Hazardous Waste Portal refers to federal regulations. In many cases, states or local governments have promulgated relevant rules and standards that are different and/or more stringent than the federal regulations. Therefore, to assure full compliance, you should investigate and comply with all applicable federal, state and local regulations. Further, state specific guidance from another state that you are not doing business in may not apply to you - check with your state environmental agency for complete and accurate information.





About the Portal

This portal is intended to help generators find hazardous waste compliance assistance resources. The portal includes both federal and state information and it covers most industrial and commercial business sectors as well as households.

The portal catalogs over 800 hazardous waste compliance resources, including guidebooks, fact sheets, reports, checklists, web sites, contacts, and regulations. Various features are available to assist users in finding the best guidance materials and answers to specific questions.

This portal is associated with EPA's Compliance Assistance Centers. These sector-specific Centers may have additional hazardous waste resources that are not included in the portal's database. Users are urged to check your sector-specific Center for additional hazardous waste resources.

Not sure where to start? Try one of the four features on the left hand menu bar:

  • Search Database: Perform custom searches using either keywords or pull-down search terms. Start with a broad search and then narrow the search by selecting qualifiers.
  • State Resources: Access hazardous waste resources for your state, including compliance assistance documents, contacts and regulations.
  • Small Businesses: Find plain language guides, contacts and other resources that can help you understand the rules and stay in compliance.
  • Homeowners: Locate resources to help you find good environmental solutions for disposing of common hazardous wastes that are generated around the home, such as unused paints/solvents, batteries, electronics, etc.

This website was developed and is maintained by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. Funding for this project has been provided by EPA under the National Compliance Assistance Centers program. For more information, or to pass along suggestions, please contact: Lisa Stobierski, Sr. Program Manager.

What’s New at the Hazardous Waste Portal.

The official launch of this Hazardous Waste Portal occured in March 2017. Please utilize this web resource and send comments, corrections and additions to Lisa Stobierski at NCMS.

Regulatory Updates

Management Standards for Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Proposed Rule

Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Final Rule

Hazardous Waste Import/Export Final Rule Revisions

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